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Integrative Traditions in Longmont, Colorado, aims to help individuals reach a higher quality of living through traditional practices of health and wellness. I, Wesley Chaplin, am devoted to helping you feel better and relieve your pain through therapeutic massage and bodywork, as well as through meditation techniques and physical exercises.


I focus and specialize on helping people with chronic pain, injury and surgery recoovery, as well as sports massage. Combining a number of different types of bodywork and massage we strive to help the individual regain balance and harmony. Bringing relief and vitality through touch techniques from Japan, China, India, and Thailand fused with western therapies and anatomy.


In addition I focus on also providing clients with skills and exercises to further improve their wellness. Tai chi, Qigong, Meditation, and yoga are taught in private and small groups to focus on the individual's needs to balance body, mind and spirit.


 Currently teaching and healing around the Longmont - Boulder, Colorado area.

Massage and Bodywork

In Longmont we offer Thai Yoga Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Swedish, and many more types of bodywork aimed at healing.

Tai Chi and Qigong

Tai Chi and qigong are great forms of exercise to help self-balance body, mind, and spirit. We offer Qigong calsses in Longmont on Tuesday Evenings.

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